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Shop our selection of wild-harvested Ontario botanicals and organically-grown herbs. We ethically harvest a limited number of medicinal and specialty wild herbs. Carpenter’s Herbal concentrates on medicinal herbs that grow abundantly in Eastern Ontario, and on those that are harder to find in the mainstream herb market. We do it for people who really understand that the quality of their medicinal herbs happens in every step.

At Carpenter’s Herbal, we know that drying and processing methods matter. That’s why we process all of our botanicals to exacting standards. And we work hard to maximize colour, potency and aroma. We want our wild herbs to be as good or better than anything you can find out there. These are premium wild-harvested herbs.

Wholesale and Custom Orders

Are you looking for 5 lbs or more of our wild herbs? Or are you looking for a specialty or medicinal herb that you don’t see here? We welcome¬†Wholesale orders. And you can definitely contact us about a Custom Order. We’re happy to try to help you find the wild herbs you need.

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Showing all 10 results