Shipping Questions?

Here are some answers to common shipping questions. If you still have a question about shipping on your order, just use the contact form on the bottom of this page. We'll get right back to you.

Is my package tracked?

If you're shipping to a US address, not by default. Our standard shipping charge is for a basic, un-tracked  small package. If you need tracking, please upgrade your shipping method at checkout to Tracked Packet or Xpresspost.

If you're shipping to a Canadian address, your package is tracked by default. However, if you're ordering a single, 1 oz tin or lip-balm tube of our Balsam Fir Lip Balm or Bug-Bite Balm at our discounted "Small Shipment" rate, your package can't be tracked without a shipping upgrade.

Why do I need to choose Xpresspost or Expedited Parcel to order fresh-frozen Balsam Poplar Buds?

We ship our fresh-frozen poplar buds using Xpresspost or Expedited Parcel in Canada and the USA to keep transit time down. The buds can spoil if they spend too long in transit. Are we willing to use a cheaper shipping option? Yes, as long as you understand the risk. We will still do everything we can to minimize transit time, but we can't guarantee against spoilage. Use the form at the bottom of this page to ask us about cheaper shipping for frozen buds.

Are those shipping charges correct? Can I get a custom shipping quote?

Our Shipping Calculator gets its rates directly from Canada Post with no mark-up. What we pay is what you pay (we even subsidize small shipments!) Order sizes can vary a lot. So if your order is particularly light and bulky - like 20 packages of herbs at two to four ounces - your shipping rate may appear high. If the rates you're seeing don't seem quite right to you, email us right away. We may be able to offer you a better shipping rate than our posted rate by packing things differently, and we can offer faster shipping if you require it. Just contact us using the form at the bottom of this page, before you place your order. Please include the item or items that you're interested in, along with the quantity you're looking for.

$12.00 CAD or more to ship a $10 item within Canada! Can you do better?

We hear you. Based in rural Canada as we are, shipping costs are higher for us. We pass on Canada Post's rates directly to you without a markup. In fact, we actually subsidize our Regular Parcel shipping to make it more affordable for you. Here are two ways to save:

  1. If you're buying a few small-format products like our Balsam Fir Lip Balm or Bug-Bite Balm, that come in a tube or a 1 oz/25g tin, we can ship for less. Look for the option for "Small Shipment (untracked)" on the Cart page.
  2.  The other way to stretch your shipping dollar is to order more. We can ship ten 2 oz tins of our salve for the same price as we can ship a single one.

Can US customs hold up my order?

Yes. They can do pretty much whatever they want. We can't guarantee that any order will not be stopped by US customs. It hasn't happened yet, but it could. If you haven't received your order by the time you expected it, get in touch with us. If it did get held up in customs, it may just require a phone call to have it released. We'll try to help.

Please complete the form below for shipping inquiries.

For a shipping quote. Even just a postal code is OK.
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